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Sparkles & Fireworks Inspired Working Men’s Club Wedding


Ellie Grace

September 27, 2023

Even the most non-traditional of weddings can often end up following a similar schedule and format. But for Lucy and Paul, who got engaged just six months after their romance rekindled after 12 years apart, they wanted to do things truly differently. With a modest budget, their two-day event was inspired by their love of sparkle, the date (November 5th) and the working men's club where they held the party.

Get Hair Extensions for Your Wedding with The Extentionist


September 21, 2023

If you know anything about me at all, you'll know that my hair is my 'thing'. However years of bleaching it has made my hair pretty thin over the years. Despite my best intentions and using all the recommended products and treatments, its inevitable that bleaching your roots every 8-10 weeks will have an effect. That's the main reason why I've been growing out my natural root and its also why I decided to look into hair extensions.

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How to Prepare for Your Wedding Photos & Portrait Session

Guest Contributor

Costa Sister Productions

September 4, 2023

If you have an engagement shoot or wedding portraits coming up and you’re feeling pretty nervous, don’t worry. We got you. We’re Elena & Sofia from The Costa Sisters. We love making our clients feel absolutely incredible and comfortable in front of the camera so we’re sharing some of our favourite tips and secrets with you so you can go into your session with confidence!

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